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Who We Are

"Christine Thomas started what would become CIV Enterprises in early 2000 with a manual screen printing press and a home embroidery machine in the basement of her home in order to work while raising her three children. By 2002 she had purchased a pair of commercial Toyota embroidery machines and built her first showroom. As her customer base expanded, so did the requests of her customers, resulting in the addition of vinyl vehicle graphics and simple signs in 2006. Seeing the potential in her work, her husband IV (pronounced "Ivy!") took the plunge and left his job to become the fabrication and sales leader. 2007 saw the purchase of a laser engraver to provide custom designs for signage, gifts, trophies, awards.


While this setup proved effective for a long period, in 2017 the pair completed their most ambitious addition to date, tripling the square footage of the original showroom and creating an impressive display featuring the hottest items from their entire product line, giving customers who visit us a chance to touch and feel examples of their finished products before ever placing an order. Their son Richard, daughter Ciara, and son-in-law Aaron also joined the team providing a younger perspective and more hands to process orders.


To this day CIV continues to expand in an effort to offer more choice and quality products to our customers, including our newest offering: UV Printing. This state-of-the-art process boasts full color, gloss, and/or 3-D textured printing on almost any product or material.


Give us a call or visit our showroom in person to be a part of our continuing story!"

"..So where did the name come from?"
The answer is two-fold. "CIV" is a combination of Christine's first initial and IV's first name. But also, since IV was originally the primary point of contact for retail customers in past business ventures, a certain phrase developed that continues to this day (albeit in the form of a homonym): 
"If you need something done right, you go to see IV."
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