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A popular recent adition to the market. These trophies are molded into hundreds of unique shapes to create dynamic shapes at a fair price.


The best option for wall-mounted awards. Plaques are also useful for commemorating annual or other perpetual recognition awards.

Crystal, Glass, and Acrylics

Perfect for corporate recognition and significant milestones, these awards range from simply professional to genuine, unique pieces of art. These awards are also uniquely transparent, so this choice is clear!


Tall and traditional. Our columns put a modern spin on the traditional trophy. If you're planning on going big, these awards offer best-in-class altitude for your buck.

How It's Done

UV Printing


Our most recent addition to the fold. This cutting-edge technology can print full color graphics on almost any material. 

What really makes this printer stand apart, however, is it's ability to layer inks to create 3-D textures on a huge variety of products, including clear-gloss, embossed finishes. Our sample products include realistic simulations of wood, leather, water, ice, leaves, and more.

The results this machine can create must be seen (and touched) to be believed. Stop by our showroom to view our samples.

Laser Engraving


All of our awards are hand-assembled with most decoration created using our 60-watt laser engraver.


This machine emits an intense beam of energy that vaprorizes material at specific strengths and speeds to create fully rendered etchings in specialty plastics, treated metals, glass, wood, or leather.

The laser is not capable of producing colors. In order to create the same effect, two-layer substrates are created. The upper layer is thin, easily removed by a low-power beam to reveal a contrasting sub layer. The laser is then turned to a higher power to cut out the shape of the custom tag, piercing entirely through both layers. 

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