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Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are one of the most exciting and efficient advertising options available to the entrepreneur. Typically costing less than a one-month space on a highway billboard, vinyl application can turn a vehicle or trailer into a voice that speaks for your company wherever it goes for years to come.

The transformation can be as dramatic or as subtle as you desire, covering the entire vehicle or relegated to a door panel.

CIV has wrapped vehicles for hundreds of satisfied customers and our experience and artistic guidance will help steer you towards the best decision for your growing business or organization. We only use the highest quality vinyls and laminates for our vehicle applications, so you can be assured that you will get the longest life possible out of your investment.

Spotless Dog Van 2
Livin Green Truck
Dornsife Trailer

How It's Done

Wide Format Printing


CIV utilizes an in-house, state-of-the-art wide format printer for all of our sign work. It allows us to print vibrant signs, dynamic decals, brilliant banners, and striking vehicle wraps at the highest standard.

"Will this file work for printing?"

Technically, yes! Our printer works in many of the same ways yours does at home and can print any image file, but remember that our prints are generally measured in feet, not inches. As you scale up your artwork, a file that is of too low a resolution will begin to appear "blurry" and, depending on the application, will become unusable past a certain threshold. Vectorized artwork will not suffer this same problem because the data is stored differently within the file. File conversion is available by request.

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