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Signs and Graphics

Signs are everywhere you look, and your place of business should be no exception. CIV can help you find a solution for any type of signage application to stretch your advertising budget as far as it can possibly go.

Aluminum Composites


This is our go-to material for any standard signage. Available in sizes up to 5'x10', this sturdy material consists of a plastic core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. When paired with our most durable vinyls and over laminates these signs can boast over 10 years of outdoor durability.

This substrate can be further enhanced through installation in our Main Street Sign System. Only available through CIV Enterprises. A heavy duty aluminum extrusion with rubber seal protects the sign within from the elements. Also available in PVC with an extruded aluminum core.



Banners are our most flexible signage option.




They can be rolled for easy portability and storage and come at an economical price point for their size. Traditional grommeted options are most common, but other options are available for increased ease of setup or display, such as pull-up banners. CIV Prints banners in full-color with UV stable inks for maximum longevity.

Wall and Window Graphics


Any (relatively) flat surface can be transformed into a billboard. Take a look around your spaces for opportunities to get a message out to a possible customer or participant. Think cars, trucks, reception areas, hallways, entrances; the list goes on.

Engraved Tags and Plates


Our machinery can engrave custom designs into specially prepared plastic, metal, and wood to create labels for industrial machinery, awards, name plates, room labeling, and more.

Plastics and woods can also be custom shaped to create an even more eye-catching designs.

Name Badge
Plate 1
Desk Plate
Custom Projects


Get creative and think outside the box. There are countless unique ways to find new customers and opportunities that only YOU can find. Once you have a vision, CIV is the company that can work with you to make it come to life.

Custom Flag Wrap printed and Installed in house.

How It's Done

Wide Format Printing


CIV utilizes an in-house, state-of-the-art wide format printer for all of our sign work. Allowing us to print vibrant signs, dynamic decals, brilliant banners, and striking vehicle wraps at the highest standard.

"Will this file work for printing?"

Technically, yes! Our printer works in many of the same ways yours does at home and can print any image file, but remember that our prints are generally measured in feet, not inches. As you scale up your artwork, a file that is of too low a resolution will begin to appear "blurry" and, depending on the application, will become unusable past a certain threshold. Vectorized artwork will not suffer this same problem because the data is stored differently within the file. File conversion is available by request.

Laser Engraving


Our 60-watt laser engraver emits an intense beam of energy that vaprorizes material at specific strengths and speeds to create fully rendered etchings in specialty plastics, treated metals, glass, wood, or leather.

The laser is not capable of producing colors. In order to create the same effect, two-layer substrates are created. The upper layer is thin, easily removed by a low-power beam to reveal a contrasting sub layer. The laser is then turned to a higher power to cut out the shape of the custom tag, piercing entirely through both layers. 

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