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Display of our apparel blanks, onto which we can apply your custom logo


Branded apparel broadcasts a professional look in any environment. Whether you are a small business, non-profit, or community organizer, take the time to think about the clientele your business or organization caters to, what your brand represents, and what kind of seasonal garments your customers/participants will be in need of when they receive your products.

Blank apparel can be adorned with screen printing or embroidery

The quintessential promotional apparel. The classic tee is perfect blank slate for large quantities and bold graphics.


A one-size-fits-all solution to custom apparel. Choose from thousands of styles without fear of having the right size in stock for your employees or customers.

Possibilities are endless with colors & designs to apply to your apparel

Add a collar to incorporate some class into your look. 

Button Downs

Dress to impress with the high-end look of a quality button down garment.

Safety Wear

We carry high-visibility garments that satisfy all safety requirements for men and women on the job site.


Stay branded in the harshest conditions with customized jackets and cold-weather gear and accessories.

How It's Done

Screen Printing


Screen printing involves applying ink directly onto a garment through a custom made, thin silk mask that only puts the ink where you want it. This method is more economical for working in bulk or creating larger images on fabric or other flat materials. An important factor when considering this option is that costs for screen printing are based heavily upon the number of colors present in the design. Full-color printing is very possible in this medium, but design that only utilizes two colors can still create a great product at a significant savings!

"Will this file work for screen printing?"

The answer for this is "Maybe." Screen printing utilizes "vector" artwork (definitely not .jpg - .png - or .tiff). If your file is a .pdf or .eps and you know or suspect that your file may be vector artwork, feel free to send it to us the via email. We will inspect it for you to confirm its usability. If your artwork proves unusable, conversion services are available upon request.



The process of embroidery is done with a physical needle and thread illustrating a design on a piece of apparel.  The physicality and classic look of the technique offers a "high-end" appeal that's well suited for headwear, polo shirts, button downs, jackets, bags, and more. Unlike screen printing, embroidery is not limited by the amount of colors in your design!

"Will this file work for embroidery?"

Unfortunately, we must commonly answer this question with "No." Embroidery uses a unique file type (.dst) that tells the machine precisely where to place each of the thousands of stitches integral to each design. Common file types (.jpg - .pdf - .png - .tiff - etc.) are unable to store this "thread language." This is true for all commercial embroidery companies. For a one-time fee CIV can convert a common file into a .dst file for your use.

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